Two big thingNY shows at HERE Arts Center, World/Inferno’s 20th annual Hallowmas, European orchestra tour

After six weeks in Barcelona, Zurich, Lucerne, Frankfurt, Prague, Shanghai, Guangdong Province, Hong Kong, and Boston, I got back home a couple weeks ago and went immediately into the premiere run of Daniel Fay and Andrew Livingston’s Point Pleasant, The Legend of the Mothman, co-produced with thingNY at HERE Arts Center from October 5-21. We’ve had eight shows so far, nine more to come! Next is World/Inferno’s 20th annual Hallowmas on October 31, then I’m playing in another thingNY co-production at HERE from November 6-18, Paul Pinto’s Thomas Paine in Violence. November ends with another trip to Europe for concerts with the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI Orchestra and Swiss band Hildegard Lernt Fliegen in Hamburg, Essen, Lucerne, and Bern. Read on!

Performing solo in Frankfurt last month at ATERLIERFRANKFURT

Performing solo in Frankfurt last month at ATERLIERFRANKFURT

Before I get to upcoming shows, I wanted to share two videos of recent ones. First, if you didn’t see the premiere of Lucerne Festival Young Performance‘s NOMOZART, you can still watch it online here! Second, here are clips of the concert I organized in Frankfurt. I’m proud of both shows and hope to keep doing this kind of collaborative staged work going forward.

After workshopping Point Pleasant, the Legend of the Mothman at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn and Figurteatret i Nordland in Norway, the puppet show has come to HERE Arts Center in the heart of New York. All music and electronic sound in the show is by Andrew Livingston of thingNY, and he and I are the sole live musicians. A highlight of the show is the use of bunraku puppetry, in which two or three puppeteers manipulate each two-to-three-foot-tall puppet. The story is based on eyewitness accounts of eerie events in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the late ’60s, including sightings of the Mothman, UFOs, and more. It’s perfect for the month of Halloween!

Perfect for the day of Halloween is World/Inferno’s 20th annual Hallowmas! Please come join the mosh pit (or just watch) in the fabulous, ornate hall at Warsaw at the Polish National Home in Greenpoint. It’s my third year playing this fun, high-energy blast of a cabaret-inflected punk show, and like last year, Daniel Fay will make an appearance with a team of puppeteers…maybe some of the puppets from Point Pleasant will show up! Also, alt-country band O’Death and the Lowdown Brass Band will be opening for us this year…it’s gonna be a banner night.

November’s gonna be a banner month, starting with the premiere run of Paul Pinto’s Thomas Paine in Violence at HERE. Paul’s been a HERE Artist in Residence for three years developing this piece, and now it is coming to life in a fully staged production directed by Rick Burkhardt and starring renowned avant-garde vocalist Joan La Barbara as the spirit of Thomas Paine, set amid a whirlwind of lightning-quick singing, autotuned shock-jockery, gadgets, voices, instruments, and sonic chaos. There’s tons of cursing, so don’t bring the kids…though they’d have a great time if you did!

I had a great time playing in the Orchestra of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI with Swiss band Hildegard Lernt Fliegen in May, when we performed in Basel and Schaffhausen, Switzerland. In November, we’re playing in Hamburg at the spectacular new Elbphilharmonie, at Philharmonie Essen, in the KKL Luzern as part of the Lucerne Piano Festival, and at Dampfzentrale Bern. The Elbphilharmonie concert is sold out, but tickets are available for the other dates. The vocal acrobatics of Hildegard’s lead singer Andreas Schaerer are not to be missed. Plus, for those who have seen the concert before, he’s writing a new piece for this tour. Come if you can!

Further ahead, keep an eye out for another Rockwood Music Hall show with Bill Steely in December, the tour of NOMOZART in Luxembourg and Switzerland in March, a new opera with Rhymes With Opera in May, and much more…

Long Live the Mighty Tree Lobster!