World/Inferno’s Hallowmas! Plus Tredici Bacci, comedy with Kyra Sims, Shanghai Mermaid, and more

Lots happening this week! The big show is The World/Inferno Friendship Society‘s annual Hallowmas performance on Halloween, but I also had a sold-out performance last night with Tredici Bacci and a cameo in a comedy show by Kyra Sims tonight, plus I’m playing at a huge costume party by Shanghai Mermaid and You Are So Lucky on Saturday. Read on!

thingNY at HERE

thingNY‘s album release show last month at HERE. Photo by Michael Yu.

Last night, I played my first show with Tredici Bacci, a group that plays Morricone-style soundtrack music and pop songs of an older generation with a David Lynchian twist. It was at in a secret location on the Lower East Side, in a concert organized by Sofar, a website/network that organizes intimate shows in surprising places – and it was sold out! I had a real nice time.

Next, my old friend Kyra Sims, who I’ve played with in Food Will Win the War and This Ambitious Orchestra, has gotten deep into the comedy world in the past few years, organizing her own shows and performing as a member of the New York Neo-Futurists. This very evening, she’s pulled me in for a spooky sketch in a comedy show she’s presenting at Experiment Comedy Theatre. It’ll be a fun evening, come out!

Saturday, I’ll be performing in a 72-room manor house in an undisclosed location slightly north of the city on the Hudson river for a big 1920s-themed party organized by Shanghai Mermaid and You Are So Lucky. I’ll be appearing with members of a theatrical dance company in a roving vignette throughout the night. In addition to music and performance, there will be food, drink, dancing, and a special room for séances…it will be a dark, elegant, and wild party!

Finally this week, I hope to see many of you in the mosh pit on Monday at Hallowmas, the huge annual Halloween show of The World/Inferno Friendship Society. Like last year, this year’s Hallowmas will be in the fabulous, ornate hall at Warsaw at the Polish National Home in Greenpoint. It’s always a fun, high-energy blast of cabaret-inflected punk, and this year, I’ve pulled in my friend Daniel Fay and his cohorts at Standard ToyKraft for some thrilling surprises…I dare not say more.

Down the line, I have shows coming up with Bill Steely and some new music for violin & laptop I’ll be performing at a decadent dinner organized by Guerilla Science, plus a huge cross-country tour in the works for January and February with Valerie Kuehne and the Wasps Nests. And if you haven’t checked out thingNY‘s new album minis/Trajectories yet, please do so – we’re starting to send out vinyl copies to people who ordered them this week!

Soy Yo,