Concerts in Berlin, Leipzig, and Oslo + a puppet show in northern Norway

Hi from Leipzig, Germany! Since I last wrote in January, I had a fantastic monthlong tour with Valerie Kuehne and the Wasps Nests – watch a full set from that tour here – and a great trip to Switzerland to play The Rite of Spring and Berg’s Three Pieces for Orchestra in a Memorial Concert for Pierre Boulez with an orchestra of LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI – listen to that concert here. I just arrived in Leipzig a few days ago and will be hanging out mostly in this city for a couple weeks. I’ll also play two concerts: one in Berlin tomorrow, April 21st, and one in Leipzig on Saturday. Then I’ll fly to Oslo, where I’ll play a show on the 30th before heading to Stamsund in northern Norway: I’ll be in residence there from May 1-15 at Figurteatret i Nordland, workshopping music by Andrew Livingston as part of a piece by puppet theatre group The Unitards, helmed by Daniel Fay of Standard ToyKraft. Read on for details of my trip!

Performing with Valerie Kuehne and the Wasps Nests at Barking Legs Theater in Chattanooga, TN in February. Photo by Tim Hinck.

Performing with Valerie Kuehne and the Wasps Nests at Barking Legs Theater in Chattanooga, TN in February. Photo by Tim Hinck.

Tomorrow, I’m traveling from Leipzig to Berlin to play an improv concert with Penelope Gkika, violin, Rieko Okuda, viola, and Adam Goodwin, bass. We’re playing at a secret venue on Okerstrasse that I’m told is well known within Berlin’s improvised music community. I met Adam at the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY where we discovered that we were some of the few musicians in the orchestra regularly playing improvised music. We’ll be performing as a duo in the concert in Leipzig on Saturday at Atelier M89, a cool underground art space on the east side of the city that just reopened under the care of French saxophonist Sébastien Branche, who may play with us as well. Let me know if you’re in the area and would like to drop by, and I’ll let you know the addresses.

The show in Oslo next Saturday, April 30th, is organized by pianist Kjetil Jerve and will feature a large swath of the local experimental scene, some of whom I’ll improvise with in addition to playing solo. The event is called Klubb Jervaas after Kjetil’s genre-crossing duo Jervaas, who will perform at the event with singer Seshen from Japan. Also on the bill: Kristoffer Alberts, sax, Andreas Hoem Røysum, guitar & clarinet, Joel Ring from Sweden, bass & cello, Andreas Wildhagen, drums, Karoline Ruderaas Albrigtsen, voice, the band Bølgebad including DJ Bendik Baksaas on sound and Sakarias Jønsson & Daniel Mahal on visuals, as well as Christian Meaas Svendsen, double bass, Sindre Bergsvik Øvstegård, double bass, and Håkon Aase, violin. I’m really excited to hear all these musicians – if you know anyone in Oslo, tell them to check out this cool event!

Then I head up to Stamsund, Norway for two weeks north of the Arctic Circle working on music for the puppet show Point Pleasant – The Legend of the Mothman. I played in an earlier workshop version of this piece in the 2013 edition of puppet lab Labapalooza at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn (some cool photos from that production here), but since then the piece has expanded from about 20 to 70 minutes, and the musicians reduced from three players to just me on violin and Andrew Livingston, fellow thingNY member and composer for this project, on cello and electronics. The show is about the Mothman sightings that occurred in Point Pleasant, West Virginia between November 1966 and December 1967. It uses a really cool combination of live feed miniature, shadow, and Bunraku puppetry. It’ll come to New York in the not too distant future, so keep an eye out! By the way, after the residency, I’ll hang out in the nearby city of Bodø for a few days, from April 16-18 – give me a shout if you happen to be around!

Further ahead, I have a show with Westchester folk rocker Bill Steely at Otto’s Shrunken Head in NYC on June 2. Should be a fun and laid-back time. And then I have a very exciting show announcement for later in June, but I’ll leave that for next month’s newsletter…stay tuned!

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