Experimental Song Fest tonight, country music at The Living Room, _Torus_Porta, World/Inferno’s Hallowmas!

Thanks so much to all who came to the premiere of thingNY‘s This Takes Place Close By in NYC, and for those who live elsewhere, we hope to bring the piece to you soon! You can read a review of it here. This month brings a wide range of shows, all in Brooklyn, including two solo experimental performances with different material, a gig with a sweet country band at The Living Room, and my first performance in Hallowmas, The World/Inferno Friendship Society‘s biggest show of the year, on Halloween! Details below.

At the dress rehearsal for thingNY's This Takes Place Close By, which premiered last month at the Knockdown Center. Photo by Michael Yu.

At the dress rehearsal for thingNY’s This Takes Place Close By, which premiered last month at the Knockdown Center. Photo by Michael Yu.

It all starts tonight with my performance at Panoply Performance Laboratory of Paul Pinto‘s intense mini_005 and my own bawdy, comedic vocal/electronic/prop-heavy performance art piece, The Princess and the Fungus, at Naked Roots Conducive‘s Brooklyn Experimental Song Carnival. Jeff, you might ask, while your speaking performances are fun, are they really song? To which I could say, in this crazy carnival, perhaps your question is itself the song?!?! Anyway, your melody-craving ears are in good hands for the remainder of the evening with the lilting voices of Ellen O, Anaïs Maviel, and Valerie Kuehne + Natalia Steinbach of Naked Roots Conducive.

Sunday I’m playing for the first time with local country rockers Goldenchild for their album release at the new Brooklyn location of The Living Room, after its relocation from the Lower East Side. I was brought into the project by thingNY bassist and rock star Andrew Livingston, who’ll also be playing. It’s sweet music, come cheer us on!

The following Sunday I’ll be trying out brand new solo experimental material at the mysterious underground lair _TORUS_PORTA, home of the truly wild Wild Torus performance art duo. It’ll be a marathon night of weirdness, spearheaded by “grindcore violinist” Joey Molinaro, one of the fiercest road warriors I know. (My month in Europe was cool, but he was there touring solo for three months this summer!) Stomp on over to Bushwick and expect the unexpected.

I close out the month with a performance I’m very excited about, my first time performing on The World/Inferno Friendship Society’s biggest concert of the year: Hallowmas! Every Halloween, the WIFS and their fans gather to witness the rising of the great pumpkin and worship en masse among the devil’s devotees! Plus we all have a great time, with moshing and stage diving for all. Seriously, it’s a great and supportive place to try stage diving for the first time. I speak from experience.

And finally, I’m pleased to announce my new job as a content manager for LUCERNE FESTIVAL ALUMNI, a new organization for alumni of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY! Check out our Facebook page here and like us!