New website, Rockwood, Home Audio, Jerome Kitzke, and more!

Hi! Check out my new website, developed by Brian McCorkle of Panoply Performance LaboratoryLet me know what you think about it. Then…get out of your apartment – it’s springtime! – and come down to Rockwood Music Hall. Food Will Win the War takes the stage at 11pm tonight, and there’s no cover! On Thursday night, get into my apartment. I’m not playing, but I’m hosting a great night of music and dance as part of Mara Mayer’s Home Audio series (more info on facebook here, email me for my address). This Friday night, go to church – I will literally be stomping, clapping, yelling, and banging rocks together in a new piece by composer Jerome Kitzke, at a historic church in Brooklyn Heights.


Visiting Banff after shows with thingNY in Calgary and Edmonton!

Next Tuesday, I’ll be playing music by Bach and by 20th-century Russian composer Alfred Schnittke at a church in Williamsburg. On Friday, May 30, it’s my second show in NYC with Westchester-based folk rocker Bill Steely. Mark your calendar for June 7, when Food Will Win the War returns to Mercury Lounge as part of Dream Day NYC (our drummer, Dan, is endorsed by Dream Cymbals and Gongs). And look ahead for more music in June with Minnie Dee and thingNY, including a really exciting collaboration between thingNY and youth new music ensemble Face the Music!